Inferno Fest

June 27, 2018

Taking place on June 27 during the popular Highwood Evening Gourmet Market, Inferno Fest will test the taste buds of the most daring food enthusiasts with the hottest and spiciest foods and beverages. The festival will highlight creations such as spicy pasta dishes, peppery nuts and popcorn, piquant tacos and salsa, hot wings, and much more! Live music and an array of unique fiery foods will create a fun and festive atmosphere.

If you may be worried you can’t handle the heat after expanding your culinary horizons, have no fear. Milk Angels will be on hand to rescue sweltering mouths with a glass of cold, cool down milk. For those not in the know, milk interacts with spices to cool taste buds in a way that water or soda cannot. Yes, we will have everyday non-spicy items for the “Along Came Polly” people too!

Wednesday, June 27
Hours: 4:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Everts Park | 130 Highwood Ave. Highwood, Illinois 60040

Free Admission
Rain or Shine Event
Kid & Pet Friendly
BYOC - "Bring Your Own Chair” and/or Blanket
Parking Information

Inferno Fest Eating Contest

Judging at the Gazebo, 8pm
Free for adults 18 years old or older

Highwood Mayor and InfernofestFor those adults who are really in for a challenge, the Inferno Fest Eating Contest is back. Not all who dared enter this competition in the past walked away the same ever again. This is truly a challenge for those with iron stomachs!! Free to all up for the challenge as long as you are 18 years old or older and sign our waiver.

The rules are simple…whoever can eat the most La Casa de Isaac “hot tamales” fueled by Pepper Palace hot sauces within a three-minute period, without calling for a Kefir Cool Down, wins a $200 gift card! Entrants will receive a complimentary bottle of hot sauce from event sponsor, Pepper Palace, the planet's #1 hot shop that believes food should be memorable with a taste that consumes you and creates a “Spice Life” experience with their small batch, handcrafted, natural, and award winning products. And, dubbed ‘the champagne of dairy’, competitors may enjoy Kefir non-dairy smoothies to cool down their palates after the competition.

Sign up at the link below. Bring your waiver with you or sign it at the time of the contest. All contestants report to the Celebrate Highwood booth 7:45pm prior to the contest.

Inferno Fest Eating Contest Sign Up Here

Inferno Fest Eating Contest Waiver

Evening Gourmet Market Vendors

List of Vendors- at the Market Every Wedneday

2018 Inferno Fest Vendors

Pepper PalaceA one stop shop for hot sauce, BBQ sauce, salsa, pickled items, jellies and jams, beef jerky, and more!
Rollicking Buckaroo Pepper JamRollicking Buckaroo Pepper Jam in three varieties: mild, medium & hot
Sonoma FarmCarolina reaper salsa, ghost pepper hot & mild salsa; peach, rum mango, dill pickle, jalepeno pineapple, tequila salsa verde, mild & hot; giardinera, mild & hot; muffaletta; hot mustard; pasta sauces; olive oils; pizza toppings; garlic cloves, Tex-Mex & sweet hot