Inferno Fest

Wednesday June 26, 2024
4:30- 9:30 pm
Location: Everts Park | 111 North Ave. Highwood, Illinois 60040

Back by popular demand, Celebrate Highwood is fired up to bring back Inferno Fest after a five-year hiatus, on Wednesday, June 26, from 4:30-9:30 PM in Everts Park (111 North Avenue). Showcasing a plethora of the hottest and spiciest foods and beverages, Inferno Fest will test the taste buds of the most fearless food enthusiasts. For those worried they may not be able to handle the heat, have no fear, the event will take place in conjunction with all the fabulous vendors at the weekly Highwood Evening Gourmet Market.

The fun, fiery Inferno Fest will feature a variety of hot twists on traditional America, Italian and Mexican dishes, spicy sweets and creative cocktails. Live rock and pop music by the Bob & Shawn Duo of the iPOP Band will create an entertaining atmosphere while visitors sample the hottest foods on the North Shore.

Inferno Fest Eating Contest

Inferno Fest Contest updated 2024

For adults 18 years an older in for a challenge, the popular Inferno Fest Eating Contest will be back at the stage at 7:30 PM. The rules are simple…whoever can eat the most Pixca  “hot taquitos” without calling for a ‘cool down drink”, wins a $200 gift card! Not all who dared enter this competition in the past walked away the same ever again. This is truly a challenge for those with iron stomachs. All venturesome competitors can sign up HERE for a $10 entry fee and are required to complete and sign a participation waiver prior to the contest (available HERE).

“Inferno Fest will be a test of taste buds and endurance for all those who dare to compete,” says Eric Falberg, President of Celebrate Highwood and Highwood Alderman.

“Pixca will heat up the competition with their chorizo and potato taquitos packed with locally grown tiny chili pequin peppers that bring on big heat,” says Fernando Angelina, Chef-Owner of Pixca Restaurant.

Special thanks to Celebrate Highwood Inferno Fest sponsors including Hive2o, M. Brad Slavin Farmers Insurance, and Pixca Restaurant.


Alabama Boiled Peanuts: Jalapeño and Pickle Alabama Boiled Peanuts

Buffo's: Giardiniera or Pepperoni and Hot Honey Pizza

Cansino's Pizzeria: Mexican Spiced Pizza

Chocolate Moonshine: Mango Habanero Fudge

Clucker's Charcoal Chicken: Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

Culinary Gangster: Gangster Burger

Gina's Little kitchen: Spicy Churro & Spice Elote

Goodstuff Eats: Smoked Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce

La Casa de Issac: Hot Spicy Tamales with Carolina Pepper

La Cocinita: Pork Tacos on Flour Tortillas with "Stupid Hot" Salsa, Cilantro-Cabbage Slaw, and Cotija Cheese

La Plancha Loca: Diablo Taco

La Union Supermarket: Flaming Elote

Pixca: Spicy Cauliflower

Q4 Delights: Habanero Ceviche

Ralph’s Red Hots: World Famous Dragon Dog with Jalapeno Mustard and World Famous Duck Egg Sandwich with Spicy Relish

SLYCE: Hot Honey Wings

Sweet Belly: Chicken Wings & Fried Ribs with Infinite Hot Sauce

Toadstool Pub: Ghost Pepper Tequila & mango chile mix and Spicy Beer

Up in Smoke BBQ: Spicy BBQ sauce

Viper Spit Brands: Spicy Chocolate

Wooden Nickel: Spicy Shots and Spicy Margarita