International Mural Fest

International Mural Fest (NEW!)

Thursday, June 6 – Sunday, June 9, 2024
Downtown Highwood Metra Station Parking Lot

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Mural Fest Map and Artist info with location their locations on the map.
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14 renowned artists to paint art installations on a dozen buildings throughout Highwood

Join Celebrate Highwood as they launch a groundbreaking event June 6-9, 2024 throughout the City of Highwood in the their TO BE THEIR first-ever International Mural Festival. A diverse base of 14 internationally renowned muralists will paint vibrant art installations on the exterior walls 12 building throughout Highwood.

In addition to 14 hand-selected artists, this all-ages festival will feature hands-on art activities for attendees, a live-mural art area with pieces to be auctioned off, live music, food and drink vendors, an outdoor bar, and a full carnival. It’s a perfect event for the entire family!

“The City of Highwood is excited to bring these art installations to the city through this unique event,” says Scott Coren, City Manager. “We look forward to enriching our community and offering our residents and visitors an opportunity to experience these expressions of street art.”

International Mural Festival will have a lasting effect beyond the weekend, showcasing the richness of Highwood’s community, inviting all those who visit to celebrate the diverse tapestry of Highwood - from its residents to businesses - that all contribute to Highwood’s unique charm.

This festival is curated by Silvertuna Studios a NYC-based production company that specializes in the arts, as well as Laura “Lulu” Reich of Collect with Lulu, a NYC-based curator, art dealer and collector. Event beneficiary is The Art Center of Highland Park.

Artist pieces by International Mural Fest artists will be on display at The Art Center of Highland Park in May, so community members can check out their work before the Festival begins. “This Fest creates a legitimacy for street art and we are so thrilled to be a part of it,” says James Lynch, Director, The Art Center of Highland Park.

“We are passionate about public art, knowing what a difference the beauty of art can make in our daily lives,” says Reich. “Bringing artists to create these murals will be a positive experience highlighting a city I love, while supporting small businesses. Highwood is such a gem, and being a part of its transformation into an arts destination is a dream come true.”

Artists include: Chicago area artists include: Ruben Aguirre. Asend One, Anna Murphy, Dont Fret, E Lee, and Stuk One, as well as AL DIAZ and Chris RWK of NYC, Eelco from The Netherlands, and other visiting artists including Epic Uno, Wane COD, Zimad, and more! As these talented creatives beautify walls and installations throughout the City of Highwood, the community is invited to support the arts, get involved with interactive events, and watch the city transform throughout a weekend of engaging activities for all the senses. Locations in which murals will be painted include: Public Works, The Recreation Center, Bocce Club, Historical Society, Buffo’s and so many more!

“Mural Fest is a perfect addition to Highwood to further rank our community as a top destination in Illinois,” says Celebrate Highwood Founder and President, Eric Falberg. “Like our city, this festival will serve as a canvas for artistic expression and it’s the perfect platform to champion all the local businesses that make Highwood so unique. We envision this event becoming one we hold year after year.”

Highwood encourages attendees to take Uber, Lyft, public transportation, or walk or ride bikes along the enhanced Green Bay Trail  - Robert McLory Bike Trail which leads straight into the heart of Highwood. Ride the Metra north or south to the Highwood station, or take a Pace Bus. Free parking is available but spots are limited!

Volunteers Needed

Join us for a great cause and have a blast serving our patrons beer and cocktails throughout International Mural Fest weekend. Must be 21 years or older. Previous bartending experience a plus but not necessary.
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Meet Our Chicago Artists:

Anna Murphy ExampleOriginally from England Anna Murphy is a Chicago based fine artist and muralist. Before moving to Chicago in 2012, Anna graduated with a B.F.A in painting from the University of
Louisville, and was awarded the Winthrop Allen Memorial Scholarship for most outstanding graduating senior in 2D studios. In her studio work she specializes in realistic figurative and portraiture painting in oil. Her paintings have deep roots in spirituality and the investigation into the power and divinity of feminine energy.

Asend ArtAsend is a Chicago-based artist with over two decades of experience in fine art and large-scale mural production in both public and private sectors. His influences are deeply rooted in Chicago's graffiti scene that spanned the city during the 1990s and the Baroque painting period of 1600-1800s. Notable projects include Chicago's largest mural located off the Kennedy Expressway; an oil painting for the Chicago White Sox's team captain and 2020 Major League Baseball MVP, Jose Abreu, and an oil painting for Lamborghini's 60-year celebration.

Dont Fret ArtDont Fret is an artist born, raised, and currently working in Chicago. In addition to his wheat pasting techniques on streets around the world, his practice includes: drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and installation-based work both on the street and in the gallery space. He has produced large-scale public murals in a number of American cities including Chicago, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Denver as well as internationally in London, São Paulo, Helsinki, and Berlin.

E Lee ArtStephen Eric Lee, better known as E.LEE, is a full-time artist living in Normal, IL. His work is an exploration into how art moves us emotionally, creates status, and how we assign value to it. Communicating through popular culture, E.LEE brings flat images to life with an illusion of light and space to tell a story in a new context. Regularly collaborating with other artists and art forms, he creates immersive installations and public work with humor and narrative. Simplification and the viewer’s point of view are driving forces in his work.

Ruben Aguirre ArtRubén Aguirre (1979, Chicago) is driven by drawing attention to underutilized infrastructure as a potential substrate. The artist has produced numerous murals in the Chicago area, across the U.S., and abroad. Aguirre’s work creates an intersection of abstraction, formalism, graffiti, and muralism. His public work is informed by architecture and plays with re-imagining public space, while taking inspiration from architecture, landscape, and typography.

Stuck One ArtRyan “Stuk One” Lape is a Chicago-based artist and a force in the nationwide graffiti scene for more than 20 years. Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Stuk One specializes in small to large-scale mural work, illustrations, canvas work, merchandise design, inked drawings, and typography.


Al Diaz ArtAL Diaz was born and raised Puerto Rican in New York City, and was known by age 15 as a prolific, influential, first-generation subway graffiti artist. During the early 70s, his popular and recognized name was “BOMB-1.” Best known for creating SAMO© with fellow artist and friend Jean-Michel Basquiat, Díaz continues to make waves as an artist, author, and legend in the art world.

Chris RWK ArtChris RWK is the artist and creator of one of the biggest graffiti websites created in 2001, Robots Will Kill. He was born in Staten Island, New York and been a fixture in the graffiti community since the late 1990s. Chris has taken his graffiti to a whole new level, now painting at historic landmarks including the Freedom Tower in downtown Manhattan. There is no stopping ChrisRWK as he strives to paint everyday, creating collectible vinyl toys and showcasing sold out shows around the world.

Eelco ArtKnown for creating psychedelic landscapes using the unique color palette he developed mostly on the streets of New York, Eelcovan den Berg is a Dutch painter, muralist, and illustrator. Mesmerized by hip-hop during elementary school (it still influences him greatly), he ventured out, beginning his artistic career by writing graffiti.

Epic Uno ArtJuan Benet’s creative journey has spanned continents and disciplines. Born in Puerto Rico, Epic relocated in the 90s to Brooklyn, NY to attend Pratt Institute. Spending countless hours in the urban landscape, he immersed himself in the vibrant graffiti scene and became a Creative Director. With time, dedication, and unwavering commitment, Juan developed a sistinct style that seamlessly merged graffiti street art, and urban pop art. Today, Epic stands as a testament to the power of dedication and artistic evolution.

Wane Cod ArtWane Cod is of West Indian descent and lived in England and Grenada until he was 7. In 1978, Wane COD’s family moved to New York City’s North Bronx. In 1983, Wane COD transformed from a young admirer of grafitti to acive and progressive participant becoming ‘Wane One’ painting his first subway train. Writers around the city took notice of Wane’s COD’s work and recognized his stylistic significance and contributions to the scene. Wane COD divides his time between painting, running his company Writers Bench, and collaborating on numerous projects with well-known brands such as Nike, Reebok, New Balance, and Monster Energy.

Zimad ArtLuis Zimad was born in the South Bronx in 1965. In the late 1970s, he began his career as a graffiti and street artist, which has heavily influenced his style and global brand. He attended the Fashion Institute in NYC between 1988 and 1990 where he studied textile surface design and was awarded a scholarship. As a self taught artist, he began to combine his skills with formal training in design to develop the unique and contemporary styles he is best known for today.


Jaymes_Joseph artJaymes Josef is a visual artist from Chicago who currently resides in Highwood, IL. His paintings, drawings, and mixed media work are fueled by the present moment and the spontaneity of working with found and reclaimed materials. His work draws inspiration from traditional tattoo art, folk art, graffiti art, and outsider art.

Kevin Loesch artKevin Loesch is a Highwood based artist participating in the International Mural Fest. Kevin is lifelong resident of the area, and founding member of the Midwest Artist Initiative. He is a self taught artist whose work can be seen all over the North Shore and beyond. With pieces on 5 continents (that he's aware of), numerous countries around the world and institutions like the Pro Football Hall of Fame and more, his work has reached far and wide from our small town. He is the artist behind the "Enjoy Highwood" mural located on the Bent Fork Bakery wall, the 8' shark hanging in the Highwood Metra Station, Highland Park's "Butterflies on Parade," as well as the "Art Pumpkins" on display at the Great highwood Pumpkin Fest and the 2017 version of "Benchmark." It's likely that you or someone you know owns some of his work, but almost guaranteed that you've SEEN some of it!

As artist and wall location details are secured, the full weekend schedule, including a VIP meet and greet night with artists, and map with locations and more will be
updated on this website below.

International Mural Fest Activity Schedule and Locations

Live Mural Art throughout Downtown Highwood
Thursday June 6-Sunday June 9

Highwood Metra Lot
Carnival rides & games, food & drinks & bar
Thursday and Friday, June 6 & 7, 5-10 PM
Saturday, June 8, 1-10 PM
Sunday, June 9, 1-9 PM

Mural Fest Carnival

Live Music in the Highwood Metra Lot

June 77 - 8:30pmNEW GROOVE REVOLUTION - Pop, R'nB, Neo Soul, Funk; Bruno Mars, D'Angelo, Stevie Wonder
June 87-9:30pmNO TURN ON RED - Funk, New Orleans Brass, Blues; Stevie Wonder, Meters, Rebirth/Dirty Dozen brass band
June 95-8pmALLEGRETTO COLLECTIVE POWER - Rock, Blues, Soul, Folk; Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke

Bank Lane (between Webster and Washington)
Family-friendly activities with live art murals and interactive art vendors, live music, food & drink vendors, and more!

Visit the Live Painting & Auction Page to find out more about the artists and auction

June 8Noon-2pmSYAHI - Reggae & Rock
June 83-5pmRYAN HERRICK DUO - Rock, Americana, Country & Folk: The Band, Prince,Tom Petty, The Beatles, Hozier, CCR
June 86-8pmKAREN SHOOK DUO - Classics from the 50's to current: Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin
June 91-3:30pmWHISKEY & HARMONY - Country, Pop, Rock; Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Little Big Town
June 94:30-7pmJUSTIN WALLACE - Rock/Country; Oasis, Margan Wallen, Luke Combs

Artist Meet & Greet


Friday, June 7, 7:30-9 PM
Station 440
440 Green Bay Road
6th Floor Rooftop

Drinks • Snacks • Live Music

International Mural Festival is curated by Silvertuna Studios, an NYC-based production company specializing in the arts, and Laura “Lulu” Reich of Collect with Lulu, an NYC-based curator, art dealer, and collector. The Art Center of Highland Park is the event beneficiary.